An Adoptive Father Writes

After a traumatic experience at another with adoption when I adopted my first child, I came to the Shabtai Levi Home seeking to adopt another.

From the time that I entered the Home, my experience was different.  I was welcomed as a visitor, hallways were not blocked and there was no effort to hide or silence children or staff.

I met with the social worker. Everyone concerned attended my initial meeting and the atmosphere was warm and welcoming. Everyone from senior staff to caregivers was there and I had the feeling that everyone would contribute to the big picture. There was definitely an air of openness and honesty.

My wife and I were able to see the child in his natural environment where he was participating as a member of a group. There was no one-way mirror and this added to our feelings of transparency.

We visited several times and I came to understand how much the child we were looking to adopt loved this place. He loved and was loved. I became part of the Home. I met many of the staff including the caregivers and the nurse.  I sensed the feeling of trust that emanates and knew that the Shabtai Levi Home was a warm, loving and caring place.

Despite his difficult beginning in life, our child arrived at our home strong and ready for his next challenge – integration into our family and the fulfillment of his precious potential.

I have spoken to other adoptive parents with whom who communicate and all of us feel that there is a meaningful difference between the children who have been cared for at the Shabtai Levi Home and children from other care facilities. I hope that my words will encourage the Child Welfare Service and the Ministry of Welfare to see the Shabtai Levi Home as the model to be imitated by all other units where children wait to be adopted. 


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