Annual Giving Makes A Difference

Dear Donor:

We are writing to you with what you will appreciate is a very special request.

From its very beginnings, the Shabtai Levi home has represented a safe haven for the children who entered its doors. With the addition of the Mothers’ Unit, the Home has been recognized as a pioneer in the area of child welfare…a leader in its field.

Today, the Home is the process of making some important decisions that will impact the safety of the children. As we all know, Israel is always preparing for a possible state of war. Today, it is felt that there is a strong possibility that, should war occur, civilians could come under attack. In the 2006 war with Lebanon, the children were evacuated to a kibbutz in the Beit Shean Valley. This is no longer an option and an alternate plan to protect the children is being developed. This will be accomplished by adding a secure safe room to each floor at the Home. The cost will be partially funded by the Government and by some private donations in Israel. The ultimate goal is $350,000 and will add the protective shelters and additional space to the Mothers’ Unit so that more mothers could be served.

There are two ways your Annual Gift can help:

  • You can donate directly to the Safe Haven Project at the Shabtai Levi Home
  • You can support the ongoing programs of the Shabtai Levi Home so the Mothers and Children continue to receive the best care possible.

Just go to the Donate Now button and click through to make your donation.

We are determined to keep the Shabtai Levi Home the safe haven it has always been. We know that we can count on your support.

Forever Grateful, 

Ellen Goldstein, Marya Grad, Esther Michaels

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