A Love Story in the Emergency Centre

I’m here until they find me a family.

These words, pronounced solemnly by a six-year-old boy were my initiation into the Shabtai Levi Home’s Emergency Centre. These words, the first I heard as a volunteer, were carved into my heart. It dawned on me that this Emergency Centre is like a halfway station designed to put the children on a new track, to direct them from darkness to light.

My stay in the Emergency Centre was part of my fieldwork assignment as a psychology student. Soon enough I became attached to each and every one of the children. I realized that, as a volunteer, I had to make this period as pleasant as possible for the children thus helping them to get used to a life so different from everything that they knew in the past. Every smile I received was worth more than my scholarship and definitely more valuable than a good mark in a psychology exam. The warm feeling that comes from doing something to improve the life of a child is worth so much more.

I was warned before I came to Shabtai Levi that many volunteers become addicted to the place and stay for years. How true that is!

The staff is dedicated to their mission, treating each child with empathy and sensitivity. The children can only be described as “thieves of the heart.”

Recently one of the boys caught hold of my hand and dragged me across the room to meet his Dad. “I want my Dad to thank you,” he said while his brother added,” He loves all the children here.” How could I explain to them that I was the one who should be thankful… thankful for the wonderful feeling that comes from being here and participating in the amazing work at this amazing place - The Shabtai Levi Home

The Words of an Anonymous Volunteer


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